Photography Lawrence Moniz

Education and Background

Ms. Monizʼ art education background began at Southern Oregon University. Jo received a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Washington and holds Washington and Hawaii architectural licenses. Jo has also lectured on design drawing, with Frank Ching, in the University of Washington College of Architecture. Architecture has been a strong influence on her artwork. Her background includes residential, commercial and public structures. She is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery and Waterworks Gallery of Friday Harbor, Washington. Jo is a member of Northwest Encaustics, Artist Trust and the Encaustic Arts Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Select Exhibitions


June 2017, SAM Gallery, Seattle Washington, Group show, Structural Configurations.

November 2015, Waterworks Gallery, Holiday Show-David French and Jo Moniz, Friday Harbor, Washington

September 2015, National Encaustic/Wax Competition, Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 2014, Solo Show, Northwest Encaustics, Seattle, Washington 

March 2014, Geometrically, Palette Contemporary, Albuquerque, New Mexico

December 2013-April 2014, The Alexis Hotel, Seattle, Washington, Group show,  Barbara Shaimin, curator.

November 2013, Idea Odyssey, A Sense of Place II, JuanAlonso curator. Seattle City Hall, Office of Arts and Culture Seattle, Washington

June 2013, Jane Richlovsky and Jo Moniz, TASTE Restaurant, curated by SAM Gallery, Barbara Shaimin

March 2013, SAM Gallery, Seattle Washington, Group show- New Introductions

May 2012, Shift Studio, Seattle, Washington, solo show, The Modern Landscape

February 2012, Supermarket, Stockholm, Sweden, group show, shift exhibition January

2012, Shift Gallery, Seattle, Washington, group show, shift

July 2011, IDEA Gallery, Seattle, Washington, Storefronts Seattle- juried inaugural show, Juan Alonso curator.

April 2011, Shift Gallery, Seattle, Washington, solo show, Jo Moniz, Oceania

March 2011, Seattle, Washington, group show, EAFA Gallery, Seattle Design Center